ROV & plant entanglement

Wondering if anyone has created a solution to plant entanglement in the propellers? Our research is in freshwater, in lakes with significant growth as part of invasive fish species work. One idea is to attach a large square mesh but the concern is then reduced water flow to the props. Anyone found a solution to this?

Not first hand advice, but I have seen pictures of people putting mesh around the props to protect them. Obviously in sufficient distance to the prop…
But it seems to work for seagrass, so it should work for you too…

I made this, it works well enough, a cover on the prop shaft would be a big help as well. That’s 1/4” HDPE, marine grade, aka starboard. It’s slightly buoyant so cancels out the mesh which is just vent screen from homedepot.

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Have a look on the FB Trident Pilots Group and search for Trident «seagrass & sand protection»

That was our idea too but wanted to know if weeds get sucked against the mesh and created a flow problem or not. Thank you for the response. It does seem to be a first logical step.

Thanks for sharing the pic of your mod. We’re going to give a cariation of that a go. Weed growth is building in the lakes now so can’t go anywhere now without encountering the problem.

Facebook group - just put in a request. Thanks for letting me know about that.

Maybe go with a finer mesh. On my set up the grass will still wrap the prop but the mesh cuts it before it packs in. If it starts driving wonky just clear the props by going in reverse and forward a couple times on full power. If you cover the outflow it will mess with the handling. Also, try to keep it slightly buoyant so you can float out of the thick stuff without using the thrusters.

My initial thought would be that weed would not get stuck because it shoukd be grown in/on sediment. In the props it gets broken and stuck but a mesh would just slide across it, so should be fine!