ROV on-board power supply


Hi, I’ve been loking for other topics in the forum but I haven’t find anything conclusive.

I’m looking for the best rechargable battery option to supply the whole ROV underwater, no power supply through the tether.

In that way, I’ve thinked about a couple of 3S 10000mah Lipo in parallel, but I don’t know wether it would be the best option or not.

What are your conclusions in that topic?

Thank you in advance, Pedro.


Is this for your own custom build or for one of our ROVs? All of our ROVs are powered from batteries on board the vehicle.


For my own custom build, but I’m basing a big part of the design in OpenROV one.


Best of luck with this! Do you have more details on the design like the power consumption of various components? This will help you to determine the best type of batteries to use.


Well, yes, although I have not too much experience on power supply and consumption topics, I’m using 4x T100 thrusters configuration, 4x Cree XLamp led 3.7-10.9W 9V, 3DR Pixhawk and 4x Basic 6-17 volts 30A ESC.