Rov offline,


Dear Fellows,

with hello, I tell them we have a problem. Our ROV stopped having communication with the computer. apparently it is not working the homeplug (ethernet).
first I thought the problem was software but the software reload the sd card with the blue LED lights blink, it's no blue lights.

Moisture may produce problems ?.
What solution can recommend me?

best greetings


how to know if the BBB or the homehub is the problem?


First thing to do is check the connection. Did the homplug board come loose from the controller board by any chance?


Dear David,
thanks for your answer.
I tell you already checked the connection of the cards and well.
when I connect power to the rov, the three led the homplug light, however after a while the central light goes off. Moreover the LED lights give light on the control board 2.6 and after a while one green light and is flashing orange. The white LED headlights are illuminated intermittently. By the way even before this fault, turning on the rov the headlights came on alone.
additional information, the ROV has internal moisture which has been cleaned after each dive.
Finally I mention that the failure was during a dive without notice.

waiting for your comments,
Best regards.

Mauricio, from Chile.


Dear David,
any news about our problem?
there is a checklist of components, to know ,





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