ROV Help and Advice

Hi, I have a few questions, we are students and quite newbies so hope to find some help and advice.
We are trying to build a ROV. I have attached a picture of the connections.
When I connected my lipo 4S 14.8V 3000mAh battery to 3 brushless 30A thrusters, 1 ESC exploded. Now when I connect the others, nothing responds, no sounds or movements.
What could be the problem? Could all the ESC’s be ruined? Could the motors be ruined?

Thank you!!


First off, where did you purchase your ESCs and what brand/model are they?
Second, were your ESCs rated for a 4S battery?
Third, were your Thruster motors rated for a 4S battery?
Fourth, do you really require a 4S battery?


Everything is from aliexpress. Esc’s and thrusters. Esc’s are “Shark” brand