ROV for Sale


Hi folks

I have an ROV that I put up on eBay if any one is interested.




Hi Dave:

There is no information on that page other than the price.

May we know which motors, depth range, electronics, etc .... are fitted on the ROV ?

Kind regards



If you follow the link to the eBay posting it should have all the details along with some pictures.

The motors are the same as those used in the OpenROV kit along with the same ESC's, This has the BBW & Cape, I have used an Led Driver to drive the Led's from the led connectors on the Cape. It does not have the EMU installed but I did wire up the DB25 connector to accommodate it with some minor changes in wiring. You could upgrade it to the new control board if you would like at a later date. The Camera,Motors & Thrusters and Led's are all new.


Dave, I'm not an eBay guy by any means, but I am looking for a quick hull that can allow for quick connect sensor mounts for an AUV project. My PVC kits are not sufficient and my OpenROV kit is dedicated to just that. Send me a message and lets talk about it if you don't get a good deal through eBay. I like the design and can use it for my testing as I have no time to design and build another ROV/AUV frame in the next few months.


Thanks for your interest Jim will stay in touch, send me an email