ROV flooded,how long should I wait to test the electronics?


I had an o ring failed during a pool test (probably user error tbh).

I rinsed the electronics alternately with distilled water and rubbing alcohol, then dried it between and after rinsings with canned air.

That was 48 hours ago. How long should I wait before I can be sure attempting to boot up the electronics won’t increase the odds of damage?




Hi @rdbiv:

There’s no universal answer to this question- you really have to just inspect all the hardware, and see if there’s any evidence of water remaining in nooks and crannies.

If you did an alcohol rinse, and then dried it well with canned air, you should be able to repower the unit soon afterwards.

I would pay particular attention to the camera lens- that’s one area where people forget to disassemble and check things. Unscrew the lens from the mount and make sure there’s nothing wet inside the camera.