ROV finds gun in lake


Darcy with Rov #272 managed to spot a pistol in just a couple meters of water while exploring False Creek up in Canada this week.

The video recording was choppy due to laptop heating issues, but you still get lots of video of the gun.

Any enthusiast able to figure

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It is actually more like 2.6 m. My current depth sensor reports depth of I think 1/3rd of actual depth.


Hi Darcy,

That’s interesting…and a little unsettling. Might want to mark that spot and have your local law enforcement visit the site. Might be a crime scene or evidence…I’m actually serious lol


I actually stopped shortly after I found it , and called the police, then went back to the expedition.:slight_smile:
It turned out though that the gun was a lighter. This is the picture the police sent me:


Ha awesome, glad it was inocuous.