ROV Expansion


I am just about to order my First ROV

I fly multi rotors and Flying Wings FPV so I am used to tinkering and soldering.

I was wondering... what is the depth limitation of the Rov, what conditions can it operate in ?

Has anyone ripped the controllers out and put them in a home built rov with bigger motors etc?

Just curious at the potential of the actual components themselves.

Very Excited :)

Dave - Northants UK


Hey Dave,

The depth limit is 100m right now. We're going to be doing a lot of depth testing this weekend in Lake Tahoe, so should have more to report there.

David Lawrence is the only one I know of who's used the electronics in a different shell.

Keep us posted!



Hi Dave

I have built an ROV with my own Enclosure, I used all the electronics that is used in the OpenROV with the exception of the Motors. I used a larger Motor & Duct Fans but found that I was drawing way more current and this caused me to blow my inline 25Amp fuse a number of times. I Switched to the new props and this eliminated the blowing of the main fuse. I have just purchased all new motors the same as those used in the OpenROV for a number of reasons, 1. being that they will draw much less amperage and probably get the same thrust thus making your battery last longer. 2. They are cheaper and lighter in weight. 3. they have a smaller diameter which will allow the water to pass by with less restrictions especially in reverse. 4. The ESC's are only 18amp and the motors I had required 22amps which caused the ESC's to overheat and shut down. The weight of my ROV with everything is around 17.5 LBS and I had no problem maneuvering the ROV except in reverse which was not all that great. I have designed new thrusters which I hope will improve this. Hope this helps.


Whoops! I meant David Murphy, not David Lawrence. Thanks for chiming in David M!

So many Davids!


Thanks Guys, before I place my order are there any soon to be released revisions to the OPEN ROV kit?


Hi David,

thanks for the reply :D with the large motors did you try using a different prop with a different angle of blade.. A friend of mine designed a prop for barges and sailing boats to increase drive, reduce wake and give better control.

I am wondering if a scaled version on a large motor would give you more thrust on a larger motor with reduced amps.

Do you have an image of your new thruster design..

I have been looking at these which are used in model rc boats


Hi Dave

The props I used were the ones they now use on the OpenROV they seem to work well but your friends prop sounds interesting. Not sure how they could be manufactured to 65mm but if you ever do that and test them please share with us the results. Here is a link to my thrusters I will be printing as soon as I can gt a 3D printer. you will alsosee my ROV on this link.


v2.5 included all the latest revisions. The next release will be the Depth/IMU board, and that will be an easy add on.