ROV Dead :( Parting out what's left

Hi Gang, took my OpenROV (from kickstarter) for a spin on Sunday for the first time in about 9 months and she only ran for about 5 minutes before I lost connection.

Before today I’d never opened the housing or even remove the motor covers (still had the originals with the corrosion issue but had been getting by by squirting WD40 into them before and after each use. It’s really only done about 2 hours total flight time.

Today I cracked the case, and found this. Unfortunately she’s completely flooded and toast.

So if anyone needs spare parts I have 100m tether, the case, and remote as well as the tablet controller and hard case all up for grabs in Brisbane, Australia.

Sad Face!


My trident done the same thing was powered up for about 5 minutes dive time but when I reached 50 feet, lost all power had to pull in with tether, found up/down motor very hot

Sorry to hear matey, what do you want for the parts? I am up in Caloundra.

@bearkiter For those whose Tridents flooded, is there any damage / nicks to the rear of the tailfin, behind the 4 LEDs. Mine flooded after I damaged the tailfin, either by backing into a rock or hitting a rock pulling it in with the tether.

A length of 1/4" clear polyvinyl tubing zip tied to the rear of the tailfin might be a cheap preventive measure.

Hi webhoppery,

I have not (yet) experienced flooding due to damage like that. My first Trident flooded but I suspect it was due to a poorly seated seal. A couple of the other Tridents I use have similar damage to their trailing edges and they seem to shown no signs of leaking. As a funny aside, I still laugh when I see damage to the rear of anything because an old pilot friend of mine used to describe his plane as going so slow that he would get bird strikes to the rear.