[ROV-AUV-Interest-Group] Ocean Book - A Great Encyclopedia Oceanic

Greetings enthusiasts,
I hope you are all well. I'd like to point you to "Ocean: The World's Last Wilderness Revealed" by Robert Dinwiddle et al., with a forward from Fabien Cousteau.
This book contains information on marine ecology and landscapes, kingdoms and classifications, highlights and ocean life cycles. fantastic reference for the arm chair biologist or the avid marine scientist. I recently used it to catch up on the salt marsh ecology around the Chesapeake area. Great information on coastal and open ocean environments.
To all our east coast OpenROVers, please join us at our nextmeet-up . We'll be talking about ROVs and expeditions in the works.
Remember, make and make often. make the world you want, not the one you were given!
Jim N.