ROV and a Kayak


More adventures on the Chesapeake!

Yes, that is a Trident in my kayak.


That’s sort of what I plan to do in a couple of weeks in Spain.
I have a few questions if you don’t mind:
What piloting device do you use? (Tablet? FPV? Jxd?)
How do you tackle the problem of screen readability and water protection?
Personally I have a JXD and FPV goggles, but this gear seems too fragile for canoe-use.
I will probably use the JXD only and put it in some waterproof plastic bag that still allows for joystick movement. I still have to gind some viable screen shading solution though…


My apologies for not responding sooner. I use my ps4 controller and samsung phone with a towel over my head at the moment, lol, and keep everything in a plastic bag, lol. It works, but need to get a better setup asap.