ROV and a Kayak


More adventures on the Chesapeake!

Yes, that is a Trident in my kayak.


That’s sort of what I plan to do in a couple of weeks in Spain.
I have a few questions if you don’t mind:
What piloting device do you use? (Tablet? FPV? Jxd?)
How do you tackle the problem of screen readability and water protection?
Personally I have a JXD and FPV goggles, but this gear seems too fragile for canoe-use.
I will probably use the JXD only and put it in some waterproof plastic bag that still allows for joystick movement. I still have to gind some viable screen shading solution though…


My apologies for not responding sooner. I use my ps4 controller and samsung phone with a towel over my head at the moment, lol, and keep everything in a plastic bag, lol. It works, but need to get a better setup asap.


We used a kayak in Borneo with a Samsung tablet. Reflection is a problem with the tablet.

I did get a good sea turtle, but the camera is pixelating.




Yes, I use a PS4 controller and my Samsung. Currently, I use a towel over my head to help with viewing. Also helps with the heat of the sun. The hacky fix with app cloner is far to clunky and no longer use it. I’d use a headset but don’t have the cash for it yet. I also use a plastic ziplock bag to protect from the salt water while not working with the ROV. I do not have an elegant setup yet.