ROV 236 Operational!


It's Alive!!

Will be posting some videos in the adventures section and on open explorer soon. Will leave you with my topside tether adapter that I repurposed from an empty beaglebone box. This was no feat of engineering, and has probably been done by someone else...but it makes me laugh!

Wanted to thank Eric, David, Walt, Colin, the other David, and everyone else that put up with me during this process!

If anyone requires assistance getting their bot up and running, please let me know. I'd be glad to help and love to facetime and video chat!

I'm thinking of calling her the "Starfruit Surf Rider"


Excited to see this thing live in a few weeks!


"I'm thinking of calling her the "Starfruit Surf Rider""

Did the orange and white Beagle Board box inspire you?