ROV 2.8 & External Servo Issues

Hello OpenROV Forum. So I have the 2.8 version of the ROV and I have attached a HiTec 32646W HS-646WP Water Proof Analog Servo (IP-67 Rated) to it. However, whenever I press alt + q or alt + z (the key binding to trigger the servo to move), it causes the computer to lose connection with the ROV and the ROV just flashes its lights as if it was looking for a connection. But within a second or so afterward, the ROV is back connected to the laptop.

Is there a way to fix this issue? Have any of you had a similar issue in the past? And if so, how did you manage to fix it?

Probably this is a silly question, but have you successfully tested those servo at some decent depth? The behavior you describe makes me think that when you try to move the servo, it is drawing too much current and inducing a voltage drop that acts as noise in your communication (or even resetting the uController side of the OpenROV). We had a similar issue when testing some medium-high inductive loads connected to the GPIOs without any protection.
I am a bit concerned about the IPXX rating, please bear in mind that those rating are for water/dirt ingress and usually they are not intended for permanent operation at given depths.

Have a nice day,