ROV 2.8 cockpit connection indicator showing red color



Hi, I facing some issue with the cockpit connection. Somehow the connection indicator at the bottom left will turn from green to red color without any reason and the rov front light will start blinking.However, during this period I still able to control the rov but the UI button of depth and heading will not update when I pressed and the thruster factor stop fuctioning . Is there any way to solve this problem.

BY the way the software version is 30.0.3.



If this happens to you, take a look at the CPU utilization in the lower right of the cockpit. If it is near 100% then that could indicate that the lighting conditions are straining the camera on the USB port causing a large number of hardware interrupts. I am assuming this is happening on land, in which case you can simply put a towel over the e-chassis or change the lighting in the room.