ROV 2.6 motor speeds and direction controls from cockpit not as expected



I finished assembling a v2.6 and calibrated the motors. However they don’t seem to function via the keyboard as I would expect. The up and down keys move it left and right and the right/left keys move it forward or backwards. Is something wrong?

Also there seems to be a little variation in power depending on which way the motor is spinning, so they are not quite equal depending on the rotation. Is there a way to balance this out? Should I recalibrate them?



One of your motors needs to be reversed.

If you’ve installed your props correctly, for the vehicle to go forwards the inboard side of each of the two horizontal props should be moving upwards. If you look at your vehicle from the rear, you’ll find that one of the props is spinning the other way. This is causing the vehicle to turn when it should be going straight.

There’s a check box in the software calibration for each motor that allows you to reverse it’s rotation without rewiring the motor. Just check that box for the motor that’s reversed and things should straighten out.



Thanks for the suggestion. I took it out to test it in salt water today and had several problems with it. First off the motors seemed to stop responding or failed to spin up when in the water. If I lifted it out, the motors would spin and if I dropped it in the water it would keep spinning, however if I stopped the motors and tried to start them spinning again they often wouldn’t start.

They spin freely when off, so I don’t know what is going on. I put it back on the bench and they seem to be operating ok. I tried recalibrating them again. I found one motor would not not start up. So if I did the ESC calibration (turn on only the one motor with button pressed to get the beeping, then press once and flip the setting to +1, press again, -1, wait) the starboard motor never starts spinning unlike the Port or vertical motors.

When operating them on the bench the starboard motor emits a short beep sound too.

Any more thoughts on where to go from here?