ROV 2.5 Control board not providing power to Beaglebone or Homeplug adaptor


Hi, we have just finished all the hardware and wiring for our OPENROV 2.5 kit, and on a bench test of the beaglebone I connected it directly to my computer using the USB, the test was successful, and i was able to see the image from the Webcam. However, after attaching the onboard electronics to the DB 25 connector, and powering up I get nothing, no power or lights or LED's on the Beaglebone, or HOmeplug adaptor. when I test the control board I get +12 volts to the board through the connector, and I get 12V readings across the board on various locations, but when I test the connections to the Beaglebone and homeplug (the headers) i get no voltages whatsoever on the pins indicated in the schematic found on the GitHUb page. I'm not really sure what to do next. I'm not a big electronics person, my main areas are mechanics and mechatronics, but when I look at the control board I don't really know where to start. the only things can see are some ports labelled PWR Switch, and i can guess that they may need to be connected, but I dont know for sure.

UPDATE: On Pins J6-5 and J6-6 ( When referenced to ground) I am getting a nominal voltage of 0.346 Volts as well.

Any help at this point would be greatly Appreciated!



the openrov is powered on and off by the topside homeplug adapter. note step 78 in dozuki guide.(

a diffrent way of powering on the electronics is to solder in a switch between the two connections on J12, shorting the two point will activate the battery power onto the board.

as an option to check the electronics without the DB25 connector, is to connect power directly to J11. note you will still have to activate the J12 to turn on power to the board.


Thanks Thomas,

By shorting J12 I have managed to get power to the control board, homeplug adaptor, and beaglebone (Yay!), and the lights on the respective Homeplug Adaptors are blinking, as if they are communicating with each other, but I am not able to load the Cockpit. do you have any advice in this area?



Have you loaded the latest image and followed the normal steps?

a new release was out a few days ago:


Hi, I seem to have the same problem. My Rov only gets power, if I use the switch shorting J12. As soon as I switch this off, power is away. I never managed to power up by connecting the topside adapter with the usb. Everything else seems to work as it should and I want to go for the first dive as soon as the weather improves. But so far I have the problem, that I cannot switch off the Rov without opening the electronics tube. Could it be that due to the long tether, there is not enough voltage in the onboard adapter to power up? As an alternative I am thinking of a magnetic switch inside the tube.
Does anyone know why I have this problem?



Hi Hubertus:

The tether does not carry a significant amount of current, so the length of the tether should not be a problem. When you have the (Revision 2.5) topside adapter plugged into a USB port, measure the DC voltage across the two tether connections- it should be 5V or thereabouts. The ROV needs somewhere between 2 and 3 volts across the tether to turn on.

If there is no DC voltage across the topside adapter tether connections, go back to the Dozuki instructions and make sure that the topside adapter was built according to the 2.5 instructions. The Revision 2.4 topside adapter is slightly different, as the ROV did not include a power switch.

If your topside adapter is generating a DC voltage across the tether but the unit still does not turn on, then there will be some further debugging required.



Hi Walt
Thanks, that is a good hint. I can not measure any voltage on the thether! I followed the instructions as far as I know. I checked everything again and found one of the wires badly soldered. It stayed in place just because of the shrink-tube which I had put around it. After resoldering everything works fine! Tomorrow I might try my first dive!
Thanks for your help!


I'm glad to hear it worked out! Post some photos from your first dive!!