ROV 1912 and Fiomarine OpenROV Accessories


Hi Everybody,

I wanted to show off some of the mods I’ve done and the accessories I have been building for my ROV.

The ROV is a 2.7 model that has been upgraded with a 2.8 shell and 2.8 battery tubes (Thanks Nima). The main tube strap has been replaced with 7.6 mm UV resistant cable ties. The white squares on the propellers are for reading motor RPM with a digital tachometer. One of the motors has been replaced due to a faulty bearing (Thanks Brian Grau)

The waterproof Battery charging and storage box is built in a Serpac R300 or Seahorse SE300 case. The DC input of the chargers is wired to the DC socket on the top panel. The wall wart provides 15V 1.5A DC and a lead for charging from a car or boat battery is included. The small white box contains spare battery tube O-Rings and some SS316 M5 set screws and nuts for ballast.

This Wifi enabled tether management system is electrically the same as the one by Nils Jakobi on the Dozuki community hacks section (Thanks!). It is built on a different reel and has the tether wires potted in epoxy to prevent them rubbing on anything when the spool rotates. It is not yet completed and will include a bushing in the base to reduce the wobble and tilt and also a handle to wind the spool.

This cardboard box serves as a carry case for the ROV and most of its accessories. It also shields the laptop from sun when the unit is deployed. An old 2.7 battery tube in the top left corner holds spare cable ties and the dive bar. Custom foam cut out’s hold the silicon lubricant, WD40, laptop and laptop hood in the bottom left corner and on the right hand side. The yellow box houses a 600W sine wave inverter and power board. The red / white box houses the Xbox controller, spare O-Rings, USB and Ethernet cables, and of course… the OpenROV beanie. Hook and loop fasteners (black dots) hold the box flaps open or closed. It has handles made from packing straps. The box also serves as a mounting point for the Wifi enabled tether.



This is awesome Brendan! Thanks for sharing the photos!