Revised aluminium end caps


Hi all,

See attached my revised endcaps, their made of aluminium and are fresh of the lathe. A big thanks to Ken & Chris for machining these!

The principle reason for this upgrade is to provide a better seal for the O rings. Additionally, a sufficient recess has been machined to allow space for the ESCs and thus use the endcap as a heatsink.

Next step, send the endcaps for a marine compliant anodizing.

I’ll post the designs shortly.

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Woaw! I want the same!


Whoa! Keep us posted on how this develops.


How much did it cost to purchase the Al, machine and anodize?


Hi there,

The aluminium cost £25 GBP, alas the machining was completed free of charge by my colleagues
, that said expect to pay £10-20.

In addition, the swagelok fittings to seal vents on the endcaps were £8. Do you need the part number?

I’m still awaiting the quote for the anodizing and will post soonest.

All the best,



Hi all,

I’ve sent my endcaps to be anodized.

They’ll be having a hard anodized coating, in black, 50 microns thick with an additional Dichromate seal. Cost approx £40 per cap :wink:

I post some pictures next week if the finished items.

Kind regards,