Reversing the thrusters not working


I set the 10 modes of the esc and also calibrated it.

Now everything works as expected except reversing.

Reverse doesn't work for all 3 thrusters. But if I go to the diagnostic pane and set some value less than 90, the motors run in reverse direction. I cannot do reverse direction through the designated keys in the keyboard.

Any help would be great.



I'm having similar issues, also one of the thrusters runs all the time. I've tried the diagnostic a number of times


Thanks for the input. I'll look into the reversing issue- it may be that the SW we've released has a bug that we somehow missed.

As for the motor that is running all the time, there's a way you can calibrate it. In short (I think we have a more thorough write up on this somewhere which I'll try to find a link for later today), you can calibrate the "neutral" "full forward" and "full reverse" positions by holding the set button on the ESC while turning the ESC on, then immediately releasing the set button once the ESC is on. If you have a motor attached (which you should for this, and you should be logged into Cockpit so you can control the system), you'll find that the ESC is beeping. Press "5" on your keyboard to full throttle in Cockpit. While not pushing anything on the keyboard, press the set button once (and you'll hear one beep), now press the forward arrow key and wait for the output to be 100% (you can see this in the telemetry readout in cockpit). At 100% forward, press the set key another time. You'll hear a the ESC beep twice. Now go to 100% full reverse, and press the ESC set key a third time. You'll hear three beeps, and the ESC should now be calibrated.

That was quite a run-on description for me, but hopefully you'll get the idea. These instructions should also be somewhere in the paper user guide that came with each ESC. Let us know if you have any other questions!



Get the Hobbywing ESC programming card!

We've found that the ESCs lose programming (not calibration) after the ROV has been off for some time. Or it can happen when you hit the Trustfire battery protection. In any case, the programming card allows you to fix the ESC programming an just a few seconds, without all the &^%$ing beep menus!

We're also having a problem regarding reverse, I'll post a separate thread about it though. austin rov blog


I've been following the buildout on your blog and I love the videos! As far as the reverse goes, there are two possibilities.

1) The most likely possibility is that the software has a bad configuration. It is highly dependent on the version of the software that is being used. Work arounds include going to the diagnostics screen and then closing it (using the close button), which in some versions re-sends the config values to the Arduino fixing the issue. Power on/off the ROV might also clear the issue, but if the issue is tied to timing of commands around when the ROV starts up, it may not consistently clear the issue). Ultimately, be sure your running the latest version of the software, as there are several fixes for this exact problem.

2) The ESC has lost programing. The ESCs can loose programing is rapidly power-cycled or if the programming buttons are held down.

If issue #2 keeps haunting you, the latest software release also contains code that can automatically program and calibrate Afro ESCs, and such problems can be fixed without having to open up the e-chassis. (Note: It is rare that I have seen the ESCs actually loose programming, so figuring out if there is a wiring issue or something that is rapidly cycling power might also be a good solution).