Reverse power drops to zero with commands over 70% level on port and starboard motors


This is a new one for me which seems to be with the new software release 2.5-rc2.

When the throttle commands exceed about 70% on the port and starboard ESC, the motors shut off when going in reverse. They are good to 100% in the forward direction.. I checked the programming and also re-calibrated the motors using the diagnostic tool.

Any ideas?


Hey Chris,

Yep. When I moved the basic modeling of the motor down to the arduino I left an issue where the props when running in the reverse direction can be sent commands that are outside of their range. I'll get that patched by next Monday latest. Driving on power 4 as a short term work around seems to work fine. So the good news is that it is not hardware! I'll post the code I change to this thread when I am done so that you can patch just that file if you desire.





Ok, thanks for giving me a heads up to where it needs to be fixed. Below is the modified Motors.cpp file I used to fix the problem. Changes are in bold type. I also added the int limit(int ll,int ul, int input) to the Motors.h file.

Works fine , however, I think the fix should be in the

writeMicroseconds( ......) routine but I didn't have the time to research that. I just added a limit function and used it to limit each of the motor commands before creating the output Microsecond command.

427-Motors.rev.6.19.cpp (2.27 KB)