Restoring an OpenROV


So the lab i work at had an OpenROV version 2.6, which was built in bristol by some else, (whom didn’t have much experience with these kind of things) so the ROV didn’t work properly from the get go. So i set about refurbishing the device to work once again.

So begins the list of things altered:

  • The External chassis is a v.2.6
  • The original motherboard was damaged during building so replaced with v.2.7
  • The wiring was incorrect so replaced with v.2.8 wiring loom
  • The end caps for the electronics tube replaced to fit new wiring loom
  • The Electronics sled from v.2.6 too long for new caps so v.2.8 sled lazer cut
  • The v.2.7 motherboard is too long for the v.2.8 sled so that was altered
  • The serial connector DB25 was vertical on the v.2.7 so i replaced this with a 90 degree one to match that of the v.2.8 connection
  • I was going to use a v.2.8 light bar but being in the uk shipping cost more than the bar so new light engines fitted using exactly the same components as the v.2.6
  • Camera dismantled and glued to light rocker
  • New motors were fitted exactly the same ones as in v.2.8
  • New Propellers, again due to shipping too expensive, I modified 3D printed design to work with the ROV

And thats the lot… just wanted to share to show that it is possible to use multiple generations of parts to get the ROVs modified or updated.

Pictures to follow



Awesome work on the ROV!


I am restoring another ROV similar to this its is a version 2.6 everything but I’m going to change all the things i can apart from the control board and shell to version 2.8. I will update as i go…


I have fitted a aluminium shell to the ROV and the motors arrived so i have fitted them with 3D printed propellers


I have made a guide of how to do it now so others can upgrade and reuse old bots!