Research Organization



I was thinking that because there are so many simultaneous discussions going on at OpenROV, it can get confusing about which member to ask about which issues. I was thinking that there should be a list of who knows the most about what, or maybe we should volunteer to start specializing in certain areas.

For example, we can make a list where members can sign up to do research about specific areas within the larger build scheme.

By this, I mean Member 1 can sign up to do tether research and Member 2 could sign up to focus on software. That way, we can do experimentation with various technologies more quickly. I would be willing to organize this list and post it if I get any interest in the comment section of this post. Thanks!


I've got a Google Docs page up dividing up the research. Add your name where you want to.



Once again, I think this is a really good idea. Perhaps we can also put a place for people to list their expertise/ areas they'd like to help with on the individual member info pages. Keep the ideas commin'!


This is EXACTLY the right idea. Thanks for starting the discussion Sam! I've been talking with a few others about this idea. Was thinking this could live on the wiki. I'll have more to share on this later this week.