Replacement Topside Adapter Tenda V1 -> V2


Hi everyone,

i have already built a Topside Adapter with a Tenda P200 V1 (Version OpenROV2.5).

Due to an error by me, the adapter is broken. Can I replace it with a new adapter (V2) ?

If so, what is the pin assignment ?

Thank you for your help,




Hello Bernhard,

Please refer to this blog post about the differences between the two versions.

-Brian G.


Hello Brian,

thanks for the tip, but I already knew this post. My question relates to the topside adapter, not the Board. I want to know how the pins are assigned in Version 2 of the Tenda.

I could also choose the easy way and buy the Topside Interface Board ;-)




I found the pin assignment on GitHub Topside Interface 2.6 Schematic.



Hi Bernhard:

The only thing I would add is to make sure that you double-check your power connections, either against the Topside Interface Gerber files, or against the power supply board in the Tenda V2 adapter that you buy, before you energize the circuit.

The pin assignments on the connectors are a little odd since the connector gender changed after the board was laid out- the original Tenda V2 adapters had pins on them, later in the production run it was changed to having sockets, so the Adapter Board changed accordingly.



Hello Bernhard,

If you fill out this form with your issue we might be able to help you out with a V1 Tenda adapter so you can do a drop in replacement.

-Brian G.