Reorganizing directory structure of the image


This weekend I have been doing a significant re-org of the project directory. The openrov-software repository has now been broken out into three repositories. I may still rename the openrov-software to openrov-cockpit before we are done:

As a result, of breaking up the projects, I have also moved around where they sit on the image:

|-- arduino
| |-- OpenROV
| |-- Test\ Code
| |-- build
| `-- libs
|-- cockpit
| |-- docs
| |-- etc
| |-- gui
| |-- linux
| |-- node_modules
| `-- src
`-- dashboard
|-- linux
|-- mock
|-- node_modules
`-- src

All of these changes are in the MASTER repo for each project. I have been working to get the openrov-image project to kick out an image in the form above and that is almost done. I will post a new Developer image shortly for those that want to keep up with the latest code.