Removing SuperGlue


I think I may have made a bit of a mistake.
When attempting to fix the lasers in place to my v2.6 ROV, I used superglue to hold them in place as I was struggling to get a solid fix with Hot Glue.

The problem is that one of the lasers is fixed a bit too far forward and just rubs on the inside of the electronics tube.
It still fits (just), but it's marking the tube slightly if I change the angle of the camera. It will also presumably be adding a lot of resistance to the servo.
I've already stripped the gears of the standard servo and have upgraded to a metal gear version. I assume it's the laser that caused it.

So, what I need to do is remove the superglue, or loosen it enough so that I can move the laser.
I've tried cotton buds with nail polish remover (acetone), but so far it hasn't helped.

Does anyone have any better ideas for removing superglue, or should I just stick with the nail polish remover?

Thank you



If you can't remove the glue, and if it almost has enough room, try filing the edge of the laser. You can probably take off close to 1 mm. If you file too much though you can interfere with the lens focus. i know cause that is what happened to me. heh

It is pretty quick work to file since the edge is the part rubbing and it is narrow. :D


I remember using CA Glue Debonder back in my model airplane days. Not certain how well it would work for you but it's worth a shot. Should be available at any good hobby shop. Here's a link to one brand, there are others