Removing residual water from the motors after a dive



I pulled the housings off the two horizontal motors and there is some rust on the magnets in spots where it looks like water pooled after it was rinsed.

How do I avoid this ? The vertical motor seems like it will drain well based on the way it is oriented, but the horizontals could pose a problem.

Can I spray them down with WD-40 or something like that ? What are other folks doing ?

Also, is there any issue with using a mild detergent to give it a bath ?

Thanks in advance for the help



Hey Jon,

I carry a bottle of compressed air and blow the water off the windings of my motors after a thorough rinsing with fresh water. I pull off the propellers before doing this to ensure a good cleaning. Once dry from the compressed air, I use a silicone lubricant spray to provide a protective film coating until (and for) my next salt water dive.



Hi Mike,

Can you tell me more about the silicon spray you use.



This is the stuff here.

I just used it because it was in my garage :)


Check out my guide in community hacks



Can you please post a link ? I am having trouble finding your guide.



Here you go, sorry I was on my phone previously and didn't have time to copy paste:


I may have missed the answer to this one, but I have to ask "Why not use WD-40?" as it was originally formulated to be used for water displacement on electrical components.