Removing Motor Bells


The world's most unhandy person here with a stupid question.

I removed the c-clip that holds the motor bell to the stator with no problem. But the bell doesn't move. Am I missing another fastener that is holding the bell in place, or is there some other trick to remove the motor bell.

I don't want to start tapping with a hammer or some other untried method likely to make matters worse.

Thanks for your indulgence.



Dos it rotate?

normaly there is only the C-clip. But the "Bell" is stil hold in Plce by the magnets. So you need a some force to move it.

On the other way if you but it back the magnets will force it back so be careful that it not snaps to fast together.


Thank you--yes it rotates just fine. I don't think there is a problem with the motor, just me. I thought about the magnetic force holding it together.

Is there some trick to getting some leverage to remove the bell without risking damage to the stator?

Thanks again.


nope. Yust pull with gently force ... i dont thing there is a high risk of damage by removing.


Thanks. Bad luck of the draw on my part. The other two came apart with no issue. The first one required pulling hard against two Vicegrips before it finally came apart. Its done with no damage though.

Thanks again