Remote Robotic science


Hi all, just wanted to ask the experts here what they think of idea of remote robotic outpost with rov, basicly an outpost that is droped in area of intrest, once landed on designated spot it enables variety of science test and "weather" reports plus a complete maintainance bay for robotic rov thats within its hangar bay.

That would be useful for scientists around the world, they could perform research from where ever they are at any part of world, comparing resaults from all around the world just by loging onto the sea outpost.

Ofc theres a lot to talk about and there are few things that i dont have a possible solution to problem as outpost - satelite comunication, outpost - rov comunication(cable or wireless with set arrays) and moste intriging one, pure oxygen generation(it is very flameable combined with electricity)

If you want to achive independet outpost so theres no need for assistance from surface, human or power source then an outpost must generate all thats needed on the site. That is not a big deal as it may seam, unlike space exploration where all resources required for the mission are taken from earth(except sun power) sea exploration is surounded with all "energy" resources that are required.

what is needed to maintain outpost and rov alive.

first it needs to be power efficient, it needs electricity, third it needs oxygen to remove salt water from rov bay once rov is inside and bay door are closed and you need clean water to wash the salt from rov exterier.

lets go from bottom up.

First, Robotic outpost has to have desalinization "plant", it could use outside pressure insted motor to push salt watter into the desalinization process and then stored into H2O bay, Now we have pure water for desalting the rov exterier.

Now, we need hydrogen and oxygen, this means we need a "plant" for electrolysis, again salt water is excellent for this. Again we can use outside pressure to avoid using motors for pumping salt watter into electrolysis chamber, once we get the process started we are gaining oxygen and twice the hydrogen. two seperate tanks are required for storeing both.

now we have oxygen for the rov bay to remove the clean water once rov has gone true desalting process, however we have pure oxygen(thats a problem i mentioned in begining of post) considering this is not man powerd outpost you cant generate carbon dioxide etc etc and reduce the amount of oxygen to reduce its flamable nature.

anyways. what we do with hydrogen? now thats the fun part, A hydrogen battery would be used to power the outpost, that said now we have hydrogen supply for our hydrogen nikle batterys or alike. It gets better and better right hehe

anyways, im a layman with fundamental understanding of science and nature, so forgive me if some of my understanding isn't just right, but i had this idea and wanted to share it with you guyz so i could here your opinion on this. I have dreamd about doing sea research ever since i was little kid. never had education for it and i've just recently said i will start learning arduino programing and electronics stuff. It may take 10 years or more but this is something i want to do for my self, why not even if its on hobiest level.

Additional power source, on the top of the outpost i imagine an dish alike auxiliry power generator that uses solar pannels(yeah i know, crazy considering we are in watter where light is disspersed), now this detachable section has a battery capacitor for storing electricity, a solar array on top of it and it has a positive buoyancy, and a "rope" wich holds the + - connector for connection to outpost electricity.

how it works?

well a photo sensors registers the day time, then outpost starts to release the rope mechanism, then the solar power plant begans to float towards the surface(remember outpost is really heavy it can hold the pull force of solar power plant being tosed around by current), once 2-3meters away from surface it is stoped, then the given solar power is begining to store electricity to capacitor.

after the sun sets down, photo sensor detects it and SPP starts retracting rope untile it reachs outpost and in final aprouch it pushes + - connector to outpost female plug, stored electricity can than be used as auxilary power source or directly charge the rov battery or capacitor.

outpost mobility:

i would use 4 vertical thruster to lunch the outpost from ground and then to manuver it to nxt postion of interest, ofc rov has to be in bay and it has to be properly ballanced overall, cg and buoyancy.

outpost- satelite communication issue,

there are many ways to do it, however i will not even try to give a possible solution as im not an expert.

So what you guyz think about this idea, dont hold back, i really am curious about it.


I've talked to a few people who have tried to do this. Big problems are that salt water just destroys things very quickly. Also: bio-fouling is big issue.