Remaining parts


Hello openRov´ers

I am a starter with openROV and need some help :-)

After assembling i have some parts over - where i have to install them ?

I hope someone could help me please :-) - thank you


Theses are your lasers. They install next to your LED lights. I’m going to pot mine and install outside the tube as an experiment.


There is a longer thread about the red lasers over here.

<The idea is that they can be used as scaling lasers which are spaced 10cm apart and make parallel beams that can be used to determine size (or even distance) of things. If you look at the little notches above and below the LED modules on the Camera Plate, you'll see that while two of the notches are used for LED wiring on either side, the other two are left empty. These notches are sized so that the lasers will fit in them, and they are spaced 10cm from each other.

We've also wired the Controller Board so that the two holes right next to where the LED wires go in (P2- and P2+) output the right voltage (5v) to drive the lasers. The lasers can be wired in parallel, but a little extra wire may be needed for both leads to reach.

What I've been doing to mount the lasers (but this is where we could use some other ideas) is I've superglued one laser in place so that it's face is flush with the face of the Camera Plate and it is looking straight forward. With the lasers on, I then tape the other laser in place so that it seems to project a dot 10cm to the side of th other dot on a far away wall so that I know the two are parallel. Once it's pointing the right way, I glue it in place too. > - Eric Stackpole