Reference scale for laser cutting


Hello chaps i sent off for a couple of quotes this week for laser cutting, including the CAD PDF from this site, in the email and i have been asked for a reference scale? here is what i was asked...

'do you have a reference scale for one of the items so I can check the file hasn’t scaled this side'

i'm assuming this is the exact dimensions of the device, have had a dig around but dont seem to come up with anything conclusive

Any help would be much appreciated as i' a bit green when it comes to the world of laser cutting.


dave moss


Hi David,
It's the exact dimension. We cut the blue parts from a single sheet of 18"x24" of 3mm acrylic.


thank you.


You can check this by comparing the width of one of the small cut-outs on the inner ROV body parts (like the one top left in the OpenROV_Dev_Laser_Vector_Blue.pdf). They are used to stick in some other piece and should therefore have a width of 3mm exactly.


Hey guys,

Does anyone have PDF for the end caps template, or prior version of Coral Draw for both end caps template and main structure?



Have a look here on github:


Thanks Dominik.. Not sure how I missed that!

Have sent them on to the laser cutters..exciting times :)