Recording your dives with Screencastify


We tried something new on our latest trip and test dives in Lake Tahoe. We used Screencastify to record the dives. It worked great!!

In addition to capturing footage from the dive, it also captures a small video of the cockpit control room and adds commentary from the pilots. Hard to imagine diving without this plugin again! You can see all of our dives from the trip on OpenExplorer:

You can add the Screencastify plugin to your Chrome browser HERE. And share your videos with us on OpenExplorer HERE.

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Hi David,

Cool, I was thinking that this might work when I finished my build - and you confirmed it! How did you get the picture in picture view? Is it just the laptop webcam, with screencastify recording the whole desktop?


Hi everyone… will the recording stop after 10 minutes?
or will it just make 10 minutes flowless parts which I can put after each other in a video editor and make a whole video?


I have the same question. I can see that you need to buy a license to get more than 10 mins, and that is fine, but it sounds like it only works if you have an internet connection. Which is rarely going to be the case.

Can others who have tried this confirm that you can record more than 10 mins without the need to “log in”.



I’ve had mine running for 20+ minutes without an internet connection (actually very far away form ANY internet connection). I also had a google account, so I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it.

When you upload to Youtube, you will have a “.webm” file. Simply drag that from wherever it is to your Youtube page.


Regarding whether or not an internet connection is needed - found that I get “failed to start recording” occasionally both with and without a being on my wireless. What did seem to fix it was to uncheck “tab audio”. The help indicated that something might be blocking recording the tab audio. It’s a shame though because my friends’ banter while I navigate around is kind of amusing. Maybe there is some setting on my laptop to change.


Nah, it stops after 10 minutes and then you have to start it again. Kind of a pain but not that bad. I guess I could fork over the money if I end up using it a lot.


Dear Brian:

  How are you!
  I want to take a record of the video,could you help to send the "ScreenCastify"  to me ?
  Thank you so much!