Record The Video


Why have we not seen a lots of videos from the dives recorded from ROV's camera? and it would be a good idea to have the ability to record video from the ROV to the PCs harddrive


Both good questions!

There've been a few videos. The main reason is that we just got the production Beaglebone capes at the end of December, so people are just starting to get the kits together.

We've primarily used an attached GoPro to record videos. The quality is much higher, and it's really easy to implement.


yes the quality is much higher on a gopro, but if you want to explore a shipwreck you want the live video in a high quality so the pilot can see all the sharp edges, not as a standard labtop webcam. if the quality is high in low light that would open up opportunities to get inside the wreck through small holes where divers not are able to get in.


This is a great topic- I was just looking at various ways to record video topside and I'd really love to see developers try to tackle that one. For the ROV I've been piloting in Antarctica (SCINI), we use a bit of custom software that pulls images directly from the address of the IP camera on-board and saves them to a folder on the main hard drive. It also records telemetry (such as depth, joystick position, voltages, temperatures, etc) in the metadata for each file and has a place for annotations.

We've been trying to keep all the control software, etc on-board the ROV (so no software is needed on the computer controlling it) but for recording on the computer, this may not be possible.

I'm sure there is already commonly available software out there that does this sort of thing, but I'm not sure what it would be called. Ideally we could find something that is already written and is open source, but if not, perhaps someone could write something to do this. If anyone finds anything that works well, let us know- I know I could use it right away!

Thanks for bringing the topic up, Alexander!



Couldnt it be possible to save the videostream to the sd card on the beaglebone, and then download it afterwards?. i've bought a 16gb sd card hoping that this kind of feature comes :P

One could also allocate some space for loop recording, so you can save in example the last 5minutes continusly, and when you hit a trigger you save that block. i can image users trowing themself on the record button and beein just to late to capture the cool or funny stuff.


There are numerous screen capture applications that will record the computer screen with audio. The one that I use on my Mac is called Smart Screen Capture. It allows you to record only part of the screen and you can choose between the computer mic or the computer audio (browser audio). (Available on the Mac App Store.)

There is JScreenRecorder, that is available under the LGPL, uses Java, and is available from http://SourceForge.NET/projects/jscreenrecorder.


Has there been any news regarding recording video? Is it possible to start some process that will only grab video that OpenROV is sending to the browser and save it on hard drive?

I would really like to have that feature if possible. If you can point me in the right direction on how this could be accomplished I would be really grateful.


You can record the video stream with VLC, which is a free (and good) program.
You can find it here:

Install VLC and start it.
Open the rov control screen in the browser and. Right click on it. Choose ‘copy link URL’ (or it’s equivalent).
Go back to VLC, click on media and choose to open network stream. Paste the link and start the stream.
VLC should now start streaming the video from the rov.
Now under ‘view’ click to show ‘advanced’ functions (or something like that)
It will put a tool bar at the bottom of the scree just above the play button. If you click record, it will start to record the stream and it saves it in your ‘video’ directory.
It will stop recording when the stream stops or when you press stop.

It even continues to record the stream when the video link breaks in the control browser page. But if you actually lose connection, you may have to press record again. It names the files with the date and the address streamed from so it won’t copy over the previous file. In case you were worried about that. :smiley:

Ding! Video recorded!
No sound though, unless your rov is recording sound. :wink:
VLC will record any video or stream that you play with it this way.


Thomas, the danger of recording the video onto the sd card is that if the rov shuts down when it is writing to the card, it can corrupt the card. I am not certain this is an issue with the BBB, but it was a problem with the raspberry. It doesn’t ruin the card, but it corrupts the data and you then need to fix it (which for me meant a new image). Maybe if we used a hub, we could put additional sd card in e-tube to record on.

If you do record directly on the existing sd card, just make sure you ssh in and ‘sudo halt’ before taking the batteries out. :slight_smile: