Recommended topside side scan sonar systems



We are looking for a high end sonar system to assist us in finding interesting OpenROV locations and recording data.

We would like to record bathymetry data in detail as we travel and review later for possible targets. I’ve seen some nice C-MAP Genesis programs with good bathymetry charts. We’d also like to look at 3d sonar systems.

Does anyone have some recommendations? This will be mounted on a large sailing catamaran.

Thanks in advance!


Everything comes back to your budget

I use both a WASSP multibeam and a klein sidescan but there are also some pretty cost effective solutions all dependent on how keen you are and how hard you want to look



Is that the WASSP S3? How do you like it for general bottom scanning? Roughly what did the full package cost?

What are some of the good cost effective solutions you’ve seen?



Yes it was a
as well as a good IMU
and a decent GPS
all on a mounting system so it can be used on pretty much any vessel of opportunity
new high end laptop
software and more software

realistically allow a budget around the US$40-50K

No one system or technology does it all, for some objects mags are best, at other times side scan, and others multibeam it all depends what you are chasing down and what you then need to do with the data

You get what you pay for but you can start scanning from around $1-2K and finding targets just as successfully Searching for wrecks with side scan sonar



@eric5 What depths are you looking at searching in?

I have found ReefMaster to work well with inexpensive Lowrance and Humminbird systems, but your side scan depth is a bit limited unless you build a towfish.

If you need to search deeper, I’d recommend looking at the DeepVision offerings: