Recommended games for practicing Trident controls?

I got a new Trident and tried it out in a swimming pool. Good thing the pool was fairly large because I had a hard time controlling it (yes I was using low power mode and stabilization was on). I also just got a Steelseries Stratus XL controller. Since I didn’t grow up gaming, I guess my hand-eye coordination needs some practice. Are there any game apps out there that are similar enough to the Trident app that I could use to practice using the Android screen controls and the Steelseries controller? I’m not into shoot 'em up games, so maybe a flight controller type game?

Hi there, welcome to the Trident community, I’m sure you’re going to really like it! I have had a Trident now for about a year and a half and I totally remember it being tricky to figure out in the beginning. My best piece of advice for you is to control it using first person view taking advantage of the live video feed. Get a headset for using in bright sunny conditions, there is no other way! I have a cheap one that uses an HDMI input (Headplay HD). Get familier with the compass built into Trident and start your dives by getting the orientation you are looking fixed in your mind. I like to be looking north if possible when I dive. Keep in mind that you may experience abnormal compass readings on Trident especially on the surface before you dive and if you’re around large steel objects (boat keels etc.) Do an assesment of the current direction and strength before diving. Also if the tide will change mid-dive. This happend to me once and led to a very bad tether snag but I was able to recover the unit. Only let out as much tether as you need to avoid snags. Keep track of where you pull the tether through, over, around and under. I try to avoid doing any of those but sometimes it happens, especailly ropes and cables that hang below docks.
As far as pool practice goes, I would think about suspending hula-hoops in the water column with a float and weight. Practice flying a transect using your compass. Get used to using FPV for navigation. I rarely use line of sight except for fun when next to the boat or dock to do loopy loops or jump out of the water to make people laugh.
Tweak your power level settings in the app. I have another post about how to do this. I have found the yaw in particular was too sensitive for my liking.
Hope that helps and happy flying!