Recommended control hardware (computer, controller)


I just received my Trident without a controller (yes, I was thinking along the same lines as a couple of other people on this thread, that a pair of FPV goggles and a game controller would be ideal), and would really like to try the GearVR headset with the Android game controller to fly my drone. Would this be at all possible?


I have been disappointed in the JXD controller sold by OpenROV because it doesn’t have an internal compass. It’s also not very bright, practically unusable in sunlight.


…made this to my Bluerov2 , its a Pro…with Hall effect Joysticks, can be made cheaper… this cost…500$ in materials. or cheaper joysticks the cost is 200$…


After months lugging my 9.7" Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 around using the virtual controls in full sunlight, I finally purchased a Dualshock 4 controller so that I can control Trident whilst leaving the tablet in the best possible position for shading with a shroud.

This controller easily paired with my tablet with next to no input from me thanks to the following instructions (

It then provided control inputs for Trident without any issues. The following buttons worked right out of the box:
Left joystick forward and reverse
Right joystick pitch and yaw
L1 - Record on/off toggle
L2 - Incrementally decrease speed setting
R2 - Incrementally increase speed setting
Square - LED lights on/off toggle

I will let you know if I experience any issues or glitches.


For what it’s worth, I tried a GameSir G4 Android Controller and had nothing but trouble with it, dropped connection, wouldn’t automatically connect, etc. Ordered a Steel Series Stratus XL to try, was working for another user on here.


The Dualshock 4 controller is still working well.

I have now “tested” it with my old Galaxy S5 phone [insert funny story about forgetting the new password to my tablet over the Christmas break here]. I found this setup to be great for survey transects in shallow and/or clear water when controlling Trident visually from the surface.


The DS4 can also navigate the Cockpit GUI using the left joystick and the X and Square/Circle buttons for Back and Select. That’s handy if using a fully enclosed FPV headset.

But I didn’t find a DS4 button to toggle Stabilize, which then required taking off the headset to use the device touch screen. Does the JXD controller have a button to toggle Stabilize? I didn’t see one in the manual (pg 13).

Also, I didn’t find a DS4 button for what the JXD calls “Back to home screen” and “Back button.” I again have to use the device touch screen to get out of the Pilot dive, but that’s not much of a problem since it’s the end of the dive.

Is there a way to remap controller buttons?

Great Trident Case

Thanks webhoppery,

I did wonder if any of the “spare” buttons could be put to use (I have in mind some buttons to interact with external payloads one day).