Reassigning keyboard control configurations Openrov 2.8


The portside (Left) rear thruster of my openROV motor is bugging out. When I press the left arrow key on the Keyboard, the Starboard thrusters start going full power in reverse while the portside motors emit a whining sound and start shivering. When I press the back and forward arrow keys, they just cause the ROV to go full steam ahead and turn right respectively. When I press the right Arrow key, it just makes it turn right.

TO make things clear, the error is as such:
↑ key: turns left
↓ key: turns right
← key: goes backwards with shivering portside motors
→ key: goes full steam ahead with a slight left turn.

please advise on how i can reassign the arrow keys on my keyboard to be in the correct configuration.

I found out that my solder connections were weak on the portside motors so that issue is settled. However, I’m still having issues correcting my keyboard controls configuration.
↑ key: turns left
↓ key: turns right
← key: goes backwards
→ key: goes full steam ahead



Using either a XBox 360 or Logitech F310 will greatly improve your control of the thruster motors than using the keyboard.


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AH, Thank you! I have a Logitech 3D Pro flight joystick. Do you think It will work?



Unfortunately I really don’t know.



Recently I had a person write into tech support who was able to bypass some issues by using an external controller mapped to a keyboard command using the program Antimicro.

It seems like it’s a good option for folks experiencing issues with the cockpit software not accepting commands from gamepads.

Many thanks to Thomas P for his help with spotting this.