RC6 software testing - PC DEV install or directly on OROV itself?



I am happy user-pilot of OROV 2.8 since December 2017. We use it for caving exploration, so some points are important for me. Especially telemetry and video recording. During last expedition OROV explored the siphon in one of the deep cave in Northern Spain where we continously explore, and basically all worked OK, but I am still looking for improvements.

I think about testing new cockpit version, but I have to be sure (before the next expedition - August 2019) my OROV will be fully operational. So I do not want to screw it up.

So: first idea is to test newer version of the cockpit (RC5 or RC6 ) on my PC, to see if the improvements can be really useful from my point of view.

I have read the topic discussing problems with new version:

and also the github with the new release:

I also found the instruction how to use a PC to test the software:

I will try but as I am more a caver and engineer than a programmer, my question is if there are other manuals describing intuitivelly how to do the PC install ?

I realize testing the cockpit without all devices (IMU, lasers, motors) will be probably incomplete, so maybe better way would be to check on the device itself. That’s the second idea.

Going this direction: I would like to confirm if I burn the SD card with the new version and put into BBB it would be OK just to start OROV to see how it works ?
Will the main software on EEPROM remain intact? Will arduino also be unaffected?
And then after removing the SD all will go back as it was?
These are my concerns and worries.

Any other advices ?