Raspberry Pi and ROS


Hi all,

I have replaced the beaglebone/cape with a raspberry pi and arduino nano to get the whole thing working. I am also using a stereocamera. I wrote the software in ROS.

I was curious if anyone else is experimenting with these ideas? It might be good to discuss issues that pop up during the efforts.

For starters, I was curious if anyone had created a urdf model of openrov for simulation in gazebo?


I know it has been a while since you posted this, but I think you can get what you want using the below links.

I made a solidworks model of the ROV (kinda rough, but it might be fine for this purpose)


The guys at Willow Garage wrote this exporter.


Do you have access to solidworks?

If not, I will try to help you out when I get some time.


Thanks Micheal. I was trying the same thing with sw2urdf exporter and Solidworks. Haven't gotten around to finishing it yet. Thanks for the OpenROV model, that will save me a lot of time.

Will post updates once I get the whole thing working.


Hi~Michael!I now want to build OpenROV’s model used by ROS. Could you help me export the urdf files?