Raspberry Pi and PS3 joystick controlled OpenROV


Hi, I’ve recently completed a video of my latest ROV project, which I thought some of you might find interesting. I’ve used the standard OpenROV hardware, but created my own electronics based on a Raspberry Pi, and written my own software. No laptop is required to run the ROV, or record video, as everything is handled by a Raspberry Pi in the tether. Control is via a pair of FPV goggles, and a PS3 joystick.

I took it on a few successful dives, and plan on upgrading the lighting for my next voyages. Hopefully that will improve the colors and focus.

Possibility of capturing/saving video using Raspberry Pi?

Small update, I added external LED lighting to the ROV, and used a GoPro to record video.


Wow great job, such an improvement with the GoPro, not just the overall picture quality and colour accuracy but the previous camera was also auto-correcting too much.

What’s the latency like with the fatshark ?


Thanks! I agree it’s much better, I really regret not using the GoPro earlier. I’m looking into increasing the navigation camera quality, but I doubt it will reach GoPro quality.

The latency with the fatshark is unnoticeable. It’s designed for drone FPV flying so they’ve made sure of that. The video link from the ROV to the tether on the other hand has roughly 300ms of lag, if I remember correctly.


300ms is fine. When i used to play Counterstrike the FPS on PC in dial-up modem days we were playing at about that, so looks good to me.

What do you plan to use it for ?


Just exploring really, it’s a lot cheaper and quicker than diving. Also it’s been fun just developing the ROV with custom electronics and software.


This is totally incredible system!


Your project is incredible, Congratulations! I am in the process of realizing one, however I have found my first problem, waterproofing the engines for the propellers, since the propellers that are on the market those of OpenRov and bluerobotics are very expensive for my budget, I hope you could share with me what method of waterproofing you used. I will greatly appreciate your response. regards