Raspberry cape


Just discovered this site today. But it looks promising for designing custom boards using HTML5.


Was thinking I might try to use it to build the expansion board for the Raspberry Pi. Even comes with pre-designed templates for the Pi.


Looks nice!

i found this: http://wyolum.com/projects/alamode/ This board wouldnt need much hacking to get basic functions equal as the cape for Beaglebone.

i thought to go trough the cape schematic and this to check how much hacking thats needed, it does not look to be that much.

But functions as the 6-40V to 5V/12V conversion must be done externaly. there are some ok finished circuits that can give us this functions.


Cool. Looks good.

Other thing I liked about circuits.io was the ability to fork a design and also drop in someone else's pre-designed modules, e.g. 12V>5V line regulator.

Strange, however, that you have to order in 3s.


the minimum amout is probably because of the amount of work to start production, so probably most of the cost is startup-cost.

i see that they offer gerber output, then you could use itead studio that many use on the arduino forum to get the boards produced:


I myself have a licence on a pro pcb software, so for me a cheap pcb manufacturer is the main thing.

at work i use www.elprint.com with their macaos software and put the gerbers myself into the system, get prices on amount/delivery time in realtime.

The quality is very good, but it cost quite a bit, compared to iteadstudio and sites like that.

for high volumes elprint is very cheap. And when they had factory here in Bergen i could get cards produced in 6hours :-P