Quick Start of OpenROV


Hello guys,

I have an “small issue” relatively to the BBB system (OpenROV-flash-2.5.1-39). My system spends more than 2 minutes between the first beep (when I plug in the USB) and the second beep(when I am able to connect to it). Is it normal?

Regards, Paulo.


1-2 minutes is the normal time it takes for the ROV to boot up. How much longer than 2 minutes are you seeing?


Thank you by answer Brian. It spends ~150 seconds. I would like to know if it is normal. Is there any way to make the system starts fast? Because the BBB is supposed to boot the system in 10 seconds (http://store.openrov.com/products/beaglebone-black). Why the system spend more than 1 minute to initialize (2 minutes in my case)?


The software that we run on the BBB is a custom software image. The 10 second boot time is for a stock BBB with the default software image. There are many more initialization steps that we have to run on it in order to get the ROV up and running.


Our Debian system should absolutely be able to be tuned up. Here is the github issue that is started on working through speeding up the system. The rumor is that folks have been able to dial down the boot time to around 10 seconds on the beaglebone. Here is a thread on the beaglebone mailing list on the same topic: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/beagleboard/QuQEcIMJ-zI.

We will happily take contributions for this included by not limited to:

  1. Recording the boot times with the different tuning optimizations
  2. LInks to other success stories on lowering the boot time
  3. Pull Requests for improvements


Great ideas Brian

I would like to help you in the development this speed up improvement, but now it is not a big issue for me and I am really busy in other tasks related to the OpenROV system. I hope to help in this issue in a near future. Please, send me news if you have advances in this field.