Purpose of a few of the laser cut parts


I have a few questions about the laser-cut acrylic parts that are included in the schematic. Specifically, the pieces that are the same size as the cross to mount the servo, but are C shaped instead.

In addition, on the two endcaps, it looks like there's an unnecessary void on the port side that just gets filled with expoxy anyway. Wouldn't it be better to just have a separate pattern that doesn't include a hole? Or is there some sort of purpose for it?

There aren't too many close-up pictures of the standalone chassis or electronics tube that I can find, so I have to base a lot of the assembly process on videos. Even with videos available, I think it would also be very helpful to have picture instructions like in the motor waterproofing segment.



Sorry about that! Those are relics from previous battery pack designs. Ignore them.


And, yes, more/better documentation is necessary. That's the goal for the first week of May.


How about the endcap hole?



Well, originally we did that for flexibility. We weren't sure how the design might change.

Now, you're right. We probably don't need it. However, it does leave room for development of external sensors. And it's really no big deal if you're already potting the other endcap.

Good question, though. Everything on the ROV should continually be questioned and refined.


Thanks for the reply! Isn't the syringe in one of the endcaps there to let air escape when putting closing the electronics tube, and the other is there as a placeholder to get the circles centered? Have you ever had a problem with that particular area leaking? I'm planning on making the endcaps of my battery tubes with the exact same design as the electronic tube endcaps, so air escape is essential.

Also, did you receive my PM regarding the AlaMode?



I haven't seen any leaking through the syringes yet. Except one time Eric totally forgot to put the syringe in. Doh!

Cool, please share all your results for battery endcaps. The current design could use a lot of improvement.


OK ask myself the same Question about the C-Shaped parts. and found that threat. :)

I have one more spare part, but it look like one of the cutouts (for the Moldex Connector). So I suppose It is also not needed.

But about the end cap hole: If you don't need it, maybe its an idea to glue the disks with the Hole on the opposite site / Shifted.

So you can keep the Holes in the Laser Files for people who to use it for Sensors. Other people just glue it closed.