Purchasing from Singapore/Asia



We are a local University in Singapore & am looking to purchase one OpenROV kit. Unfortunately, due to our procurement procedure, we are only able to buy from a company / distributor.

Besides buying online, are there any other company selling this? Example element14, Mouser, Digi-key etc.




Hey Kenichi,
At this point, it's only available on the OpenROV store. We hope to have a few more distributors set up by early 2015.


Hi Kenichi,

My brother in Korea is looking to get one or two (or more), he's in military so maybe things are easier to get them over to him. Perhaps you guys could connect and make an order together?

Best Regards,



Hi David,

Thank you. I've managed to get a reply from your organisation & have submitted the W9 to our finance department. So I think our school will be ordering 1 anytime now.

Thanks again.



Thanks Laura. I think we're good now.



Greetings Everyone,

We are a group of engineering students from a Community College in NY, USA and we are looking to purchase the OpenROV 2.7 Developer’s Kit (Communication Package). However, we must have Open ROV as a Vendor before we can purchase the kit.

I noticed in the post, Kenichi_K was able to get a W9 form. We need to submit that form to our purchasing and billing department.

What are the procedures to acquire a W9 from Open ROV?

Thank you for your time and patience.


Hey Vicortiz24,

I’m not sure we have a way to get a W9 to you at this time. Can you please email us at support@openrov.com and we can try to connect you to the right person within our company.



Hey Zack,

Thank you for the quick response. I e-mailed support@openrov.com last week, as you recommended. However, I have another question, does your company have an U.S. mailing address and phone number which my college’s purchasing department can contact. Without such information, I’m finding it difficult to have the Open ROV 2.7 Dev kit approved for purchasing. Again, thank you for your time and patience.


Sure. Please await a reply via email from support@openrov.com. We will do our best to take care of you.



Also, out of personal curiosity which university in New York, USA?