Pulsing Power when using highest power level

My Trident works perfectly with on exception. On the highest power level (#3), at max stick (go) position, my props start to pulse. If I back off the max power stick position about 30% or so, the pulsing stops. I noticed this issue when I first received my Trident. I recently performed the latest software update and this issue still exists.

I normally leave the power level on position 2, so I’m not too concerned about this issue, although I am interested in knowing if my Trident has a problem, or is this just a bug that hasn’t been addressed yet? Or is there a setting I’m missing?

Hey @kf4hr3- the motors will sometimes pulse at their highest setting as you’ve described when the ROV is in air as part of some circuit protection software built into the power management system. When the motors are in water (and have more load) this effect should go away. If you notice this happening durring dives, please let us know. Happy diving!


Thanks for the reply Eric. I haven’t been able to witness this problem in the water because of course the unit takes off. On my next dive I’ll hold the unit in place (under water), make sure the motors are under full load, and I’ll let you know.


Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing how your dives go!


Thanks for the question; I was wondering why this was happening, and Eric’s answer makes it clear that this is part of the design.