Pulled Solder Pad on Cape


Hi Folks,

I'm building the ROV with some students. It's been a blast and the two students I've working with have done all the work. Unfortunately, I think we may have done some critical damage to the cape.

We're are working on the internal electronics and while we were prepping the cape one of the students managed to pull out the solder pad for the ground and some of the pad for the power (he was desoldering a bad connection). It's a little hairy. Kind of a frustrating mistake. I'm wondering if anyone out there has any input/advice/thoughts.

It seems our options are to either 1. get a new cape or 2. bypass where it was supposed to connect and connect to the trace.

We're on a tight time-line so any input or thoughts would be great. I can attach some photos if that would help.



A picture close up of the damage would help to give you some advise.


As you can see, poor Tim did some damage. I've cleaned up around the board a bit since, but it's still ragged.


This might be a good opportunity to walk through a schematic with the students. A pdf of the cape schematic can be found on the OpenROV GitHub site; get there starting with the documentation tab on the OpenROV home page.

The best way to pick up power and ground once the holes of P3 are destroyed would probably be to make a ground connection at mounting hole MT1, and make a power connection at polyfuse F1. Both of those are shown in your top photo. A little bit of probing with an ohmmeter on F1 will show you which side is the input.

Hope this helps.



Hi Walt,

That definitely helps and is a really great idea! We'll give it a shot and I'll let you know how it goes.



Hey Walt,

It worked! We've got the whole system powered up. Thanks for the advice!