Protect Ya ROV


ROV headquarters is littered with Pelican cases. Rather obscenely so. It seems that even if there were something perfectly capable of traveling in relative safety and comfort without any sort of hardcase, Eric would buy a hardcase for it just to be sure. As evidence of such I present to you the following picture of the all cases within arm's reach as I wrote this post.

So, we consider ourselves strong supporters of hardcases. Recently I've been working closely with engineers at Pelican to come up with what we believe to be the ultimate travel case for an OpenROV. We came to the following design:

This is a Pelican 1520 with a custom foam insert that exactly fits an OpenROV, tether spool, and plenty of room for other components, batteries, and accessories.

The 1520 is small enough to be considered carry-on luggage by nearly all airlines. It's strong enough to throw from a building, dumped out of a moving car, rolled down a flight of stairs, or left at the mercy of the average United/Continental baggage handler. It will float. It wont burn (easily). It can be held at 1m of water for 30 minutes without leaking. It can safely hold your ROV as it is abused through the US postal system. Best of all, it's for sale. Check out webstore to pre-order it now. You get 10% off. We expect them to ship at the end of November and cost around $250. This is well worth the investment if you foresee rough roads or stormy seas in your ROV's future.




You sell it for $250??? This exact case is normally sold for $100-$150


I love pelican cases and now there is one for OpenROV!


Yeah, Michael good point. The 1520 can be picked up on Amazon. It comes with the pick and pull foam from which you can make your own cavities and is definitely a viable option. It didn't work for us in that it got nasty after a few wet and grungy dives. It was softer as well...I think probably too soft for us as I like putting the ROV very close to the walls and top/bottom. Good feedback though, if we get a good response on this we will definitely be able to leverage that with quantity purchasing and as they say on the infomercials...*pass the savings on to youuuuuuu*



Has it got a spare 10mm across the top of the case?


I love it! It works for protection and as a mission control station.