Proposal of collaboration - fire department



Greetings from Gdynia, Poland! @badevguru

For several months and with much interest, we have been watching the development of the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) including your product - the Open ROV Trident.

We would like to introduce these types of products and make them popular in the Polish, Central and Eastern European markets. To this end, my friend and I would like to propose a collaboration with you. I am an entrepreneur, experienced in the marketing of innovative products in Poland. My associate and friend Luke Zaniewski is a lieutenant in the State Fire Service and works for a unit that specializes in underwater search and rescue diving. We both have backgrounds in engineering.

Thanks to our broad range of interests and activities we firmly believe we will be able to successfully deliver your product to the Polish Search and Rescue Service and from here we would like to begin collaborating with you with a view to spreading interest and awareness of your product through to other sectors of the Central and Eastern European market as well.

The successful implementation of an innovative product such as this for use by the Fire Brigade in Poland is dependant upon meeting certain requirements and passing a testing phase. The entire process can be summed up as follows:

Submitting an application for innovative product testing to the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection, National Research Institute

Successful application is followed by a two-month period of product testing by one of the search and rescue fire brigade units.
Technical and operational testing is carried out.
An assessment outlining the pros and cons of the product and recommended course of action regarding its improvement according to the requirements of the fire brigade. Feedback is given by the testing team.
Based on this feedback, a recommendation will be issued by the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection. This recommendation serves as the basis for the approval of the product’s use by the emergency services. Thanks to this, you will receive a confirmation as to the suitability of the equipment’s usage in rescue operations as well as an evaluation regarding the ergonomics, functionality and practicality of the product.

Upon the completion of all the above steps, distribution of the product will be possible. Then we will be able to start pitching the Open ROV Trident to the fire brigade, search and rescue services, fire-fighter schools and training centers all around Poland.

If we may ask, what stage of development is your product at right now? Would you be interested in working together with us, and if so, when do you think you might be ready to start from a logistical point of view?

We pray that you will express an interest in striking up a mutually beneficial partnership with us as we have reason to believe that the Open ROV Trident has the potential for success in the Polish and Eastern/Central European market. Should you be interested, we will be more than happy to open a dialogue with you, answer any questions or concerns you might have and move things forward from there. We look forward to hearing from you.

We would like contact directly with somebody who is responsible for cooperation with new partners and business development. Could you convey this message below to a proper person, please? We are looking forward to the answer on the e-mail adress:

With our compliments,

Adam Spittal
Łukasz Zaniewski.