Propeller Design/Selection Help



I’m in the process of designing a thruster system and I’ve gotten to the point I need to figure out the propeller. I’m feeling a bit lost looking at the (difficult - for me - to understand) prop design tools out there. Could use a little expert help if someone with greater understanding could lend a hand.

I’m looking to buy or cast a propeller that’s 10" in diameter. It will be shrouded in a Kort nozzle, and powered by a motor in the 300-500 Watt range. The application is a home-built dive scooter, so very similar to an ROV thruster.

I’m looking to maximize thrust around an optimal forward velocity of about 2-3kts.

The challenge at this point is to:

  1. Select or design a propeller. (I’m casting numerous parts for this project in aluminum so I’m more than fine building the ideal prop if I can to a CAD model of the correct geometry.

  2. Determine appropriate gearing to optimize RPM for the selected propeller for this application.

Any “pointing in the right direction” would be hugely appreciated.