Prop / Thruster Adapter Bushing v2.4


After a wee bit of sanding of the outside diameter (OD) of the white bushing, it fit snugly in the inside diameter (ID) of the prop (see pic below). However, the motor shaft does not fit snugly in the ID of the bushing. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of using an adhesive, but don't want to go that route if there is a better option.

1486-2013051313.09.17.jpg (1.65 MB)


My question was answered by the updated (15May2013) assembly instructions that can be found here -


You can also try using prop adapters if you can find one that fits the shaft and prop. You may have to search the web for one that has a shaft long enough for the prop. Also I like the ones that use set screws to hold it on the shaft rather than the Collet type.


Great idea - thanks!