Prop adapters


Hi everyone!

I am not getting any response from the company that is reputed to sell prop adapters for bilge pumps.

Does anyone know of a reliable (and hopefully speedy) source for these? We only have limited (ie no) machine shop capacity.

Bart Millar



Which props are you using?


Hi! Just generic plastic ones from a hobby storeā€¦not sure of the provenance. The thing is that which prop is not too important to us right now,but if anyone can suggest a specific prop/adapter combo that actually has the parts available, is what we are looking for.


When I first started out i used bilge pumps and props supplied by ROV-IN-A-BOX.... they sell kits however they were happy to send just the pumps, props and couplings...... weren't the cheapest though.


I had the same problem. What I did was to make a fixture out of wood to hold a standard drill motor. I also added a slide to the fixture inline with the drill motor. I was able to drill a hole in a 4mm cap head screw that holds the prop. The shaft had a small enough diameter so that I could drill a hole in the 4mm cap head screw.You then can drill and tap for a small set screw in the cap of the head. If you would like I can send a pitcher of the fixture.